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2016 Press Releases

Plantation, FL 33324 | December 21, 2016

The 2016-2017 influenza season has begun and it is forecasted that flu activity is expected to increase leading into the New Year, costing families and businesses hundreds of dollars.

Plantation, FL 33324 | December 12, 2016

Lack of access to dental care has been identified as a growing public health care crisis, especially for those who are uninsured or under-insured. And those without dental benefits report higher incidences of illnesses that can severely impact their health and overall wellbeing.

Plantation, FL 33324 | December 05, 2016

Spring and Summer allergy seasons have passed, but many are still suffering from allergies. And, conditions may be worsening due to triggers like mold, dust and the biggest culprit - pollen.

Plantation, FL 33324 | November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show gratitude for the 32 little friends that live in our mouths. If someone is struggling with reasons to be thankful for their teeth, below are :DentalPlans’ top ten reasons why people should love their smile:

Plantation, FL 33324 | November 14, 2016

Every 23 seconds, someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes, joining the more than 29 million people, or 1 in every 11 Americans, who have it. Another 86 million Americans have prediabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. It’s American Diabetes Month, a time to raise awareness about the disease and how to best live well with it.

Plantation, FL 33324 | November 01, 2016

Obamacare Open Enrollment has begun - premium prices have increased and dental care selections remain limited. It is important to be informed about any changes and available options. Americans who purchase their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplaces have until January 31, 2017 to choose their healthcare plan or switch to a new one.

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 24, 2016

With Halloween, the number one holiday for candy sales, around the corner you will obviously want to celebrate with some sugary treats! In fact, according to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) annual survey, an estimated $2.5 billion will be spent to purchase 90 million pounds of candy for Halloween. But mark your calendars because you will want to book an appointment with your dental hygienist soon after and just in time as October is National Dental Hygiene Month.

Plantation, FL 33324 | October 19, 2016

Medicare open enrollment for 2017 began on Saturday and will be open through December 7, 2016. Open Enrollment provides Medicare recipients with their annual opportunity to select or modify their Medicare plan for the year. Before making a decision, it is important that Medicare members assess their current health needs, budget and become informed, savvy shoppers as they navigate the healthcare marketplace.

Plantation, FL 33324 | September 19, 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15 to October 15, is the perfect time to honor Hispanic traditions, histories and cultural contributions. And, :DentalPlans, a leading dental and health savings marketplace, is proud to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the local community and their members across the nation.

Plantation, FL 33324 | September 12, 2016

:DentalPlans, a leading online marketplace for affordable alternatives to traditional dental insurance, is pleased to announce that Danielle Powers, the company’s general counsel, was featured in a recent issue of US Business Executive magazine.

Plantation, FL 33324 | September 08, 2016

With the cost of health insurance plan premiums and deductible set to rise, learn how to reduce your health care expenditures and save in the process.

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 30, 2016

As the school year commences, it is important that children’s vision issues are corrected as it can impact their learning and involvement in sports. This may mean contacts, glasses or even further attention. Many eye ailments, several of which result in long-term vision issues, have no symptoms in their earliest stages and can be spotted only during a comprehensive eye exam.

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 22, 2016

Visiting the dentist is one of the best ways to ensure that a child will have a successful school year. And as the back-to-school season approaches, :DentalPlans (:DP), a leading dental and health savings marketplace, is offering 15% off dental savings plans to help prepare students and families for the new school year and help ensure they fulfill their annual state check-up requirement.

Plantation, FL 33324 | August 09, 2016

Recognizing the need to further serve the growing Hispanic community in South Florida and around the nation, :DentalPlans (:DP), a leading dental and health savings marketplace, is proud to announce the launch of its new website in Spanish.

Plantation, FL 33324  | July 22, 2016

Meet Keith Franklin, former UnitedHealthcare Senior Executive who will bring more than 16 years of experience to :DentalPlans

Plantation, FL 33324  | June 23, 2016

Here’s how to help ensure that both your summer and smile are bright and healthy.

Plantation, FL 33324  | June 08, 2016

If your teeth aren’t quite as white as they could be, consider adding a dental appointment to your wedding to-do list.

Plantation, FL 33324  | May 20, 2016

May is Healthy Vision Month – and the best way to commemorate the occasion is with a complete eye exam.

Plantation, FL 33324 | May 04, 2016

According to the :DentalPlans survey, 41% of Americans over 50 are still working, many of them (59%)between the ages of 50 and 59.

Plantation, FL 33324  | April 07, 2016

Could your dental care routine use a spring cleaning? Despite your best efforts, outdated oral hygiene habits can compromise your dental (and overall) health.

Plantation, FL 33324  | March 01, 2016

Adopting a healthier lifestyle is so much easier when we have access to the information that enables us to make the right choices. That’s the motivation behind National Nutrition Month.

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 10, 2016

The campaign to educate children on the importance of dental care began as a one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio on February 3, 1941. In 1981, the program was extended to a month-long observance known today as National Children’s Dental Health Month.

Plantation, FL 33324  | February 09, 2016

Yes, there actually is a day honoring something we’d all like to avoid: a painful, throbbing toothache. :DentalPlans suggests that you celebrate February 9th by coming up with a solid plan to avoid dental disasters in 2016.

Plantation, FL 33324  | January 22, 2016

Dental savings plans offer advantages beyond cost-cutting, including fast and flexible access to dental care.

Plantation, FL 33324  | January 06, 2016

As a new year begins, may people are making resolutions to save money and are starting to think about their budget for 2016. Does your annual budget include dental care? If not, it should.

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